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Property Management Services

Full Service Property Management

ORE's Property Management divison is called Realiant Property Management, RPM specializes in the management of single-family homes, multifamily plexes, and apartment communities. We serve Lexington, Nicholasville, and Versailles. Rental property management is a specialty that requires an experienced and dedicated team of property managers to look after your investment.

Professional and experienced leasing agents will provide support to tenants on behalf of the property owner and investors. Realiant Property Management is the sole point of contact for all tenants. Realiant Property Management has two phases of service; a Leasing and Marketing phase and an ongoing property management phase.

When you choose Realiant as your Property Manager we will:

Collect rents, enforce lease & all addendum's, communicate with tenants as needed.

Handle all tenant maintenance requests, Coordinate needed repairs, & hire approved contractors.

Conduct random and routine property inspections.

Enforce leases, Manage tenant issues such as late notices, & evictions if needed.

Provide monthly, quarterly, & yearly reports & account statements and net proceeds to owners.

Assist in the end of lease turn over.

Issue customized year-end reports (profit & loss, etc.)

Provide 24 hour on-call service.

Perform tenant move-out walk thrus., account for security deposits, coordinate needed repairs, prep house for new tenant.

Plus we provide monthly e-statements & Direct Deposits to owners!

PLUS these great advantages:

No fees upfront.

100% Tax deductible.

Free 12 month tenant warranty on all placed tenants.


No fine print! No excuses! We will warranty our tenants for free. If for any reason our tenant is in default of the lease, we will guide and assist you in the eviction/removal process and find you a new tenant at no additional charge.


Our Monthly Management Fees:

1 - 5 Units: Single Family, Town-Home, Condo, and Lofts: 9% per month, per unit

6 - 11 Units: 8% per month, per unit

11 - 25 Units: 7%* per month, per unit

25+ Units: Customized Management Fee (Contact Realiant for a management proposal)


* 11-25+ units:​ 7% management fee depends on condition and amount of rental income of units.




Detailed information of Services:

Realiant Property Management is a full-service property management company in Lexington, Kentucky and Nicholasville, Kentucky specializing in single family rental homes, plexes, apartment complexes and commercial properties. Our services include: advertising, finding and placing tenants, credit and criminal screening, timely owner checks, on-line access to accounting and financial reporting, maintenance coordination, monthly property inspections, and eviction processing.

Realiant Property Management’s goal is to exceed the expectations of our property owners. We serve our Owners and Tenants better and more efficiently than our competition. Come see why more property owners and investors are turning to Realiant Property Management to protect and improve the value of their real estate assets.


Accounting and Financial Reporting

As an owner, a rental property is one of, if not the biggest investment you will make. You need a great property management company to get the maximum amount of income from that property.

We provide our clients with accurate and understandable reports, accounting for every dollar, to assist in making strategic business and operational decisions.

The Accounting staff at Realiant Property Management has extensive experience in real estate accounting and financial analysis. Realiant Property Management uses various accounting programs such as Rentec, Direct , and  Appfolio, that accurately allow for customized reports to meet the specific needs of clients and their lenders.

Accounting services include tenant collections and building invoice payments. The income from our clients’ building is deposited into the property bank account.

Monthly financial reporting keeps our clients up-to-date with the buildings’ financial and physical operations. The report includes a status report, balance sheet, income statement, rent roll, general ledger and copies of reconciled bank statements. Monthly reports are emailed directly to our clients and are also available on the Realiant Property Management website, accessible through the secure Owners login page.

Lease/Rent Collection

Realiant Property Management collects rents, utility charges and other fees on behalf of our clients. Monthly rent roll reports, which keep our clients informed of occupancy levels and rental rates at a particular building, are emailed directly to our clients and are available on the Realiant Property Management website, accessible through the secure Owners Login Page.


Realiant Property Management uses a very powerful cloud based management software system that allows us to provide you with unprecedented service and transparency. No longer will you wonder what is going on with your portfolio. Our "Owner Portal" gives you real-time access 24/7 through any web browser. In addition to seeing when your rents are received, you will also be able to:

    View and approve work orders:All maintenance work orders are automatically e-mailed to you;
    Instant access to all expenses: Copies of all bills are electronically posted to your owner portal;
    Direct Deposits: Rent can be deposited into your account via ACH;
    On-Line reports: Run over 20 financial and other reports;
    Vacancy status: Review marketing campaigns and showings;
    Communication: RPM staff is available 24 hours a day for Owner contact; and



Prompt and efficient as-needed and preventive maintenance is essential to maintaining property value and tenant retention. Realiant Property Management prioritizes property maintenance by employing experienced property managers with full maintenance staffs. Our in-house approach affords a tremendous cost savings to our clients by avoiding excessive outsourcing to third-party vendors. Our fully-insured maintenance staff provides services including make-readies, interior and exterior repairs, general maintenance and up-keep, quarterly unit audits, and battery and HVAC filter replacements. We have implemented systematic follow-up procedures to encourage tenant communication and satisfaction.

We also use local licensed professional vendors in the Lexington, Kentucky and Nicholasville, Kentucky areas and we get multiple bids on every job, to find the best price for the maintenance being done.


Realiant Property Management uses the newest technology and innovative marketing software, which allow us to rent your properties faster. Our on-going marketing campaigns generate over 200 tenant leads a day. This allows us to find the right tenant for your property within a manageable time frame. We also use a direct marketing campaign that targets potential tenants in the Lexington, Kentucky and Nicholasville, Kentucky area. Here are a few key marketing campaigns that allow us a competitive advantage for your vacancies are:

    Internet Campaign:Our available rentals database is shared with over 50+ web sites generating over 1.2 MILLION views a     month.
    Print Ads: We run ads in major and local newspapers;
    MLS: Properties are listed on the LBAR Multiple Listing Service (MLS) used by Real Estate professionals;
    Signs: Large and unique sign in every yard;
    Cross Marketing: All potential tenant inquires are profiled and stored for follow-up marketing of vacant homes.

Property Inspections

Inspections fall into four categories: Start-up, quarterly, move-in and move-out.

Start-up: When we accept a property for management, we conduct a thorough interior and exterior inspection. A written report is generated and kept in the property file describing the initial property condition including full descriptions of personal property, amenities, numbers and types of rooms, etc. This report lists all actions to be taken to provide safety and habitability as well as suggested improvements to enhance rental value and preserve the integrity of the property.

Quarterly: Complete unit-by-unit interior and exterior inspections are made quarterly on all properties. Cursory inspections are done every time we handle a tenant maintenance request. We ask our maintenance workers to inform us if they notice additional maintenance issues when they enter a unit for requested or scheduled work.


Move-in: At the time the tenant signs the Lease Agreement, he/she also signs an inspection form stipulating that the unit is in excellent condition. Any items noted that are not in excellent condition are listed for information purposes only, so that the tenant is not charged for those defects when they move out.

Move-out: A move-out inspection is performed after the tenant vacates. A report is generated including all actions required to restore the unit to make-ready condition and a detailed list of associated costs. Our original move-in report is compared with the move-out condition form, adjustments for wear and tear are determined and the security deposit refund is calculated accordingly.

Tenant Relations

Our tenants are the most important part of our business. We strive to provide our tenants with the highest possible level of service. Our "online tenant portal" allows our tenants to:

    Submit Online rent payments: Tenants can pay via credit card or checking account;
    Enter service request: Enter work orders and check status;
    View ledger: Tenants can check balances and charges;
    Communication: Emergency Phone and E-mail contact is available 24 Hours a day; and
    Move out notices: Post move out notices and change of address.


Dedicated Staff


Realiant Property Management has a top-notch staff who are leaders in the industry in providing customer service and client satisfaction. We are here to handle the details - lease signing, property showings, maintenance, potential tenant screenings, compliance issues, legal, renovation, government office interaction, sales and acquisitions, and rent collection - professionally, with transparency, and with accountability.


Full Brokerage Services

Since 1985, (ORE), Oatts Real Estate, LLC has been a leader in Central Kentucky Real Estate.

Oatts Real Estate, LLC offers complete real estate services.  Whether you are investing in additional properties or feel it is time to cash in on your investment, Oatts Real Estate, LLC will facilitate all aspects of the transaction.

Acquisitions - Looking for the perfect rental property to add to your portfolio? Oatts Real Estate, LLC can help you to identify the right properties and close the deal quickly and efficiently.

Property Evaluation - Is your property ready to rent or sell?  Oatts Real Estate, LLC provides Real Estate Consulting services to help you to maximize your rent or sale price.
Appraisals - The big question - "What is my property worth?"  We can give you the answer based on real market data.

Check out for more information.



Single Family Homes

9 % Management Fee!

Additional Unit pricing below.

Real Estate & Property Management in Central Kentucky

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