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Central Kentucky Loan Offices

Charlotte Price - Stockton Mortgage Company


Charlotte's philosophy is to listen to each customer's needs, and respond to those needs efficiently and effectively. She strives to build long-term relationships; so that she will be with you each time your life necessitates a home change. 

Many Lenders can get you a loan. Charlotte's goal is to get you the right one. Charlotte is very proud to be a Mortgage Loan Officer with over 30 years in the business. Charlotte looks forward to fulfilling the needs of the homebuyers with financing that meets their needs.

NMLS# 138044 

Phone: (859) 963.1170
Cell: (859) 421.5262








Wayne Baker - Polaris Home Funding Corp.


If you're looking for a home or residential investment mortgage, that's what I do - home purchase and refinance loans.  Rusty Brown and I have recently opened a branch of a Nationally known company here in Lexington.  Polaris Home Funding Corporation (NMLS# 38072) is the name of the company and we're really excited about the home financing we're offering.  Great Rates and reasonable closing costs on VA, FHA, USDA, and Conventional loans.  The office is located at 811 Corporate Drive, Suite 102 Lexington KY and the office phone is 859/523-0559.  So when you're looking for a home loan, you know who to call!


NMLS# 38072

Phone: (859) 523.0559

Real Estate & Property Management in Central Kentucky

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